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About Hunter

Hunter the Trapper is a Métis owned and operated small business located in the Southern Georgian Bay, run by Hunter. Hunter Cascag is a Non-Binary - Trans-Spectrum - Two Spirit person, which has shaped their relationships to the traditional skills they are committed to as lifework. Hunter has been learning about hunting and trapping practices from the men in their family over the past 8 years. Learning experientially, and rooted in their family's oral histories and relationships to land. Within the past few years, Hunter became successful in harvesting animals themselves. Their lifework is driven by their desire to preserve fractured cultural knowledge that remains within their father's family. Hunter is a mixed blood person and holds french, anishinaabe (wiisaakode) (on their father's side) and scottish, british ancestry (on their mother's side). Their father is from a community called Honey Harbour, located within the heart of “Muskoka”- Southern Georgian Bay - a part of Lake Huron. Hunter has been learning the foundations of traditional hide tanning for the past 6 years alongside other indigenous hide tanners. Hunter is an earthworker, gardener and plant medicine practitioner focusing on plants that are naturalized in their homelands.


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