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Herbal medicines: 

Hunter is a grower and plant medicine practitioner. For the most part, they are a self-taught medicine maker.  Hunter and their partner Biizii run a small land based learning space currently called Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking, which houses a maple sugar bush and food/medicine and Indigenous seed saving gardens. The gardens are in full swing from May-October and fresh medicines are available for sale in the 'shop' upon availability. All medicines are made with high-quality ingredients and fresh plants (harvested within the past year) from Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking @aaoodsokawin_mtigwaaking Gardens or Sustainably Wild-Harvested from Georgian Bay, Ontario. All of the medicines are made in relationship, and with respect and gratitude for the plants, the land and ancestors. Seasonal medicines from the gardens are available annually in the online shop!  

Maple medicines: 

Hunter and their partner Biizii steward a small maple sugar bush, part of Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking. We sugarbush in March and April to honour ancestral relationships with maple trees and make and distribute maple medicines like maple sugar, syrup, and unpasteurized maple water. We host small community groups in the sugar bush annually. More information about our maple medicines can be found on instagram @aaoodsokawin_mtigwaaking


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