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"The hides are handcrafted, all-natural and made through focus, hard work, and Indigenous wisdom... Everything is done by hand, with care."






























About our hide tanners

Since they received their first moose hide from a family hunt in 2016, Hunter has been learning the foundations of traditional hide tanning both independently and alongside other indigenous hide tanners. In 2020, Hunter taught their partner Beze how to brain tan deer hide from start-to-finish. They now tan hides at home together. They focus on deer hide and are learning moose hide tanning.

Hunter and Beze have had the honour of learning about hides from elder Brenda Lee since 2020. They've had the honour of attending 4 different Indigenous hide tanning camps between them since 2019, which has influenced and enriched their hide tanning practice. Miigwech (Thank You) to knowledge carriers at Lutsel k'e Hide Tanning Camp in North West Territories with Stephanie Poole, Hannah Catholique, The Grannies, Hovak Johnston; Moose River Basin (MRB) Hide Camp in Ontario with Melaw Nakehk'o and Mandee MacDonald; Okimaw Kihew Mekwanak (OKM)'s Moose Hide Camp with Brian and Paulette Bird in Alberta and Nimkii Azhibikong's Hide Tanning Camp in Ontario. 

Hunter and Beze are co-founders of Niizh Manidook Hide Camp (NMHC) - a Hide Tanning Camp for Two-Spirit / 2SLGBTQIA+ community based in Southern Ontario. 

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About our hides

The deer hides are tanned using traditional brain tanning methods which incorporate the animal’s brain, metal, and bone tools purchased from Indigenous tool makers, smoke from rotted deciduous trees and many hours of physical and at times grueling work. There are no chemicals involved in our brain tanning process (commercially tanned hides undergo some chemical treatments). The hides are handcrafted, all-natural and made through focus, hard work, and Indigenous wisdom. Currently, no electric-powered tools are used in their hide tanning process. Hunter and their partner Beze work with deer hides from the Southern Georgian Bay, Lake Couchiching, Lake Erie and Thames River regions. 


Everything is done by hand, with care.

Hide Purchasing Info

We do not currently take orders for deer hides - Deer hides sales are announced on Instagram & through our mailing list!

For Updates on Hide Sales:

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Pricing for Buckskins

Pricing for hides varies depending on the thickness, dimensions and quality of each individual hide. Generally pricing on hides will range from $85-$100 per square foot. Pricing for a piece of hide may also be determined by the number of (small) holes in the hide. The cost of a full size brain tanned smoked deer buckskin ranges from approximately $800-$1300.

Pricing for Rawhide

Pricing for hide varies depending on the length and width of each hide. Naturally dyed deer rawhides are more expensive. 

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