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Custom orders & commissions are most welcome from October-May! Normally a custom order can take 2-4 weeks to make and ship. During our busy season May-October, we do not accept custom orders. Email us to discuss details!

Wear Care and Repair

It is not recommended that antler stud earrings get wet as it will weaken the adhesive. If your jewelry is made with hide, it is not recommended you get them wet. Water will alter the hide and the glues effectiveness. If you have issues with a piece of jewelry you purchased from us within 4 months of your purchase,  and repairs can be arranged free of charge. Repairs can always be made to jewelry items, get in touch if you had an issue with something. 

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Custom jewelry items are made from homemade brain tanned hides, deer and moose antler, beaver and muskrat fur, seed beads, bone, birch bark, beaver tail, animal teeth and various metals. The antler is gathered on the land, donated sometimes purchased. Sterling silver, surgical steel or pure copper are used for comfortable wear.

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