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Hunter the Trapper specializes in workshops that create safer space for 2SLGBTQ+ folks and women, however, most workshops can be offered to people of all genders, ages and backgrounds, and can be adapted to cater to your group's needs. See past workshop photo gallery at bottom.


SEASONAL workshops available for booking:

  • Raw hide preparations (Multi Day)

  • Traditional Deer Hide Brain Tanning (Multi Day)

  • Intro to Animal Skinning and Fur Pelt Drying (Full day)

  • Introduction to Trapping / Trapping 101 (Full Day) (For 2S & women only)

  • Animal Tracking (Half Day) (For 2S & women only)

  • Anishinaabe Sugar Bushing (Full Day)


  • Knowing Plants / Herbal Medicine Making (Half Day/ Full Day)

  • Medicine Walk (Half day) (Can be paired with Medicine Making for Full Day)

For more information on workshops, pricing & bookings:

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