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Handcrafted deer rawhide naturally dyed with Eastern Hemlock Bark


The hide is a mid size deer from the Georgian Bay Township Ontario region


Ideal for making handdrums, rattles, lacing and other forms of art. For crafters the possibilities are endless!


To achieve this striking matte burgundy colour the hide is dyed in 2 rounds of  eastern hemlock bark dye


A testiment to the beauty of deer, eastern hemlock dye and the artistry of hide work


*PLEASE NOTE: Rawhides cannot be shipped to the United States*


Handcrafted by artist Hunter Cascag



(averaged some areas are taller and wider)

-28inches high

-39 inches wide


The rawhide  underwent many stages of skilled labour:

-Storing hide  during fall hunting season

-Removing flesh and meat

-Soaking to remove dirt and blood

-Soaking in Lime

-Removing Hair

-Removing Membrane

-3 Rounds of Black Walnut Dye

-Thorough Rinsing

-Drying flat 

-Eastern hemlock bark is harvested as needed by the artist 

Eastern Hemlock Deer Rawhide - Burgundy - 1

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