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Medicines From The Land is a 2SLGBTQ+ Indigenous owned Family run small business located in Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario. Specializing in Local Herbal Medicines, Maple Products, Antler Jewelry & Deer hides. 


About Us 

Medicines from the Land is run by Hunter Cascagnette (Euro Settler/ Georgian Bay Metis) and Beze Gray (Anishinaabe/ Lunaape/ Oneida). 

We do various aspects of hide tanning, sugar bushing, growing and harvesting for the business with our hound dog Bashkwegin (Bucky). Beze makes labels and posters for the business. Hunter makes our herbal products and antler jewelry. Hunter is training in clinical herbalism to better serve community. 

Our herbal products are all made from plants harvested from our gardens or sustainably wild harvested in relationship with the land and according to the health of local ecosystems. We don't outsource any plant medicine used in our products. All the plants are freshly harvested by us. 

Our antler is naturally shed and locally sourced. The antler jewelry pieces are all cut, sanded, buffed, drilled, oiled and assembled carefully by hand. 


We love working on all the stages that go into bringing you our unique, handmade and authentic products. When you support us, you're supporting 2SLGBTQ+ indigenous lifeways. Thank you for your support. 


Thank you - Miigwech for visiting the site!


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