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Our Chamomile Tincture is a natural and effective herbal medicine that offers a range of benefits. It is a potent relaxant that helps to ease anxiety and promote restful sleep. It is also anti-allergic, making it ideal for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Additionally, this tincture is a digestive aid, helping to soothe upset stomachs and alleviate nausea. Its cooling and drying properties make it a useful remedy for fevers and congestion. Our tincture is a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of this powerful herb.


Relaxant, Anti-allergic, Digestive, Cooling, Drying


Ingredients: Fresh German Chamomile (M. chamomilla), Alcohol


Recommended Dosage: 5-10 ml in water or under tongue 1-2x per day 


This product has not been evaluated by Health Canada & is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease 

Consult health professional about medical conditions. Discontinue use if reaction occurs. 


Harvested in Southern Georgian Bay, ON


Chamomile Tincture

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