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Hydrosol Aromatherapy Smudge Spray


Our Cedar Hydrosol is the perfect addition to your herbal medicine collection.


Made through the steam distillation of aromatic cedar plant materials, this hydrosol is infused with the plant's water-soluble components and is essential oil-free, making it safe to use around pets.


It can be used as a liens spray, air freshener, smudging spray, throat spray, and face spray, and is known to relieve stress and anxious feelings.


Additionally, it is high in vitamin C and is a traditional indigenous medicine for grief. Add this Cedar Hydrosol to your daily routine for a natural and refreshing boost.


Ingredients: Cedar hydrosol


Uses: Spray hydrosol on face or body for vit c & hydration, Spray internally into back of throat for anti bacterial, Room & linen spray, Scent is grounding & purifying, Liquid smoke free smudge & grief support


Keep refridgerated for longer shelf life.


Harvested in Southern Georgian Bay, ON


Cedar Hydrosol Smudge Spray

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