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Brain Tanned Doe Hide (Full Hide)


Handmade - Traditionally Brain Tanned - Smoked Deer Hide


This hide comes from Southern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron!


*All areas of the hide are softened all the way through*


This smoked hide was made through many hours of skilled labour. No electric tools were used in the process. Every step was done by hand, thoughtfully, carefully. 


This hide is traditionally tanned; loosely meaning that this hide was tanned naturally, through indigenous teachings passed on for generations, putting traditional knowledge into practice. 


Unlike commercially tanned hides, this hide has not undergone any chemical treatments whatsoever.


This hide also has natural imperfections such as;

-Stretch marks and veins on one side that show the growth of the deer throughout their lifespan

-Slight variation in colouring

-There are small areas around the perimetre on one side of the hide that has some membrane which appears ligthter in colour


This hide is perfectly imperfect and holds potent medicine and scent of smoke!






-the average size of this hide is 40 inches long x 22 inches wide

-6.11 square feet

-The length and width varies depending on the area; in other words, the shape is not a consistent rectangle (as seen in photos);

-The hide is wider/ longer in some areas than others (as seen in photos)



-The price of the hide is determined by square footage

-This hide is valued at $81 / square foot 

-Price per square footage is determined by the quality of the hide; size, thickness, softeness, holes, colour, imperfections 



This hide has five small holes:

-Hole near the rump: 3 cm (L) x 1 cm (W) in size

-Slit in bottom right (back leg): 1.5 cm (L) x 2 mm (W)

-Slit in the middle 0.5 cm (L) x  1 mm (W) in size

-Hole top left (front leg): 1.5 cm (L) x 0.5 cm (W) in size 

-Hole top right (front leg): 1 cm x 1 cm 


Hide Tanned in 2018 by Hunter Cascag


*Additional photos of the hide can be provided upon request.



*Please contact Hunter at 


Brain Tanned Deer Doe Hide

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